Rules and Manners for Living in Japanese Apartments


It is good to know what rules and manners are generally expected of tenants of apartment complexes (multiple dwelling units), as failure to comply with the rules can result in the termination of your contract or even a fine. Below are some useful tips!

Multiple Occupancy

The number of tenants in an apartment unit is determined by a contract or lease (契約・keiyaku). If the number of residents changes at any time (i.e., someone wants to be added to the contract), it is necessary to first contact either the landlord or real estate company to ask for their consent.  


You cannot rent a room or unit to a friend or someone else without express permission from the proper person(s).

Room Remodeling

In principle, you are not allowed to drive nails into or paint the walls of an apartment. When moving out, you could be charged additional fees for restoring the unit if it is found to be in a condition different than how it originally was when you first rented it.  


It is easy for sound to travel into neighboring units in an apartment, so it is especially important to refrain from making loud noises from late at night to the early morning hours. Talking loudly, watching TV or listening to a stereo, noises from a vacuum cleaner, washing machine, the shower or bath, etc., can all be major annoyances to neighbors trying to sleep. When you have guests over, refrain from laughing or talking loudly, and keep in mind not to cause a disturbance during night hours.

Musical Instruments/ Pets

It is necessary to get permission before you start playing an instrument or buy a pet. If you would like to play a musical instrument or get a pet after you move into an apartment, you must consult with either the owner or building management before doing so and get their permission.


Each residential area (and municipality) has different rules and collection days for garbage, but in principle, garbage is separated into Burnables (燃えるゴミ・moeru-gomi), Non-Burnables (燃えないゴミ・moenai-gomi), glass bottles, aluminum cans, and oversized garbage (粗大ゴミ・sodai-gomi). It is very important to sort your garbage properly. Please be mindful to put your garbage out at the proper collection site, time, and day of the week.

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