About the Okaya International Center

The Okaya International Center at a Glance

The Okaya International Center was founded April 10, 1992 (Heisei 4). Since then, we have hosted a number of international exchange events and activities in the Okaya city area.

Address8-1 Saiwaicho, Old City Hall, Okaya City 394-0029
FoundedApril 10, 1992
Okaya Culture
Promotion Group
Chief of the Board of Directors    Mr. Toshio Iwadare
International Center Head      Mr. Hideyuki Osaka
PurposeThe Okaya International Center supports the international exchange activities of local citizens, groups, businesses, and foreign residents through the gathering and provision of information and consultation services.
In addition, through various kinds of international exchange programs and educational classes and seminars, we aim to deepen international understanding, as well as create a community that is open to the world.

Symbol Mark

The initial "O" from OIEA intersects the green earth, symbolizing the partnership with and broadening of international exchange.

International Exchange Center staff system

Administrative Staff
Coordinator for International Relations
Adjunct Personnel

Okaya International Center Contact Information

8-1 Saiwaicho, Old City Hall, Okaya City 394-0029
TEL: 0266-24-3226
FAX :0266-24-3229

URL: https://www.oiea.jp