Postage Rates will Be Revised Starting October 1, 2023

From Sunday, October 1, return envelopes for Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence applications (Zairyū Shikaku Nintei Shōmeisho Kōfu Shinsei / 在留資格認定証明書交付申請) and applications made by an intermediary (Shinsei-tō Toritsugi Mōshide / 申請等取次申出) will fall under the new postage rates when being sent in the mail.  

Rate for sending Certificate of Eligibility (and other similar documents) by simplified registered mail:
※ Standard mail (letters, postcards) is under 25 grams.

Rates Prior to the Change:
The rate for Standard Mail (Teikei Yūbin / 定形郵便) is 404 yen.
(84 yen postage + 320 yen simplified registration fee)

Rates After the Change:
The rate for Simplified Registered Mail (Kan’i Kakitome / 簡易書留) is 350 yen.

Reference: (Japanese)