Information on Receiving COVID-19 Booster (3rd Dose) Shots

Nagano Prefecture has released information for foreign residents about how to receive the COVID-19 booster shot. The information has been translated into several languages and is available in PDF format. It includes explanations on who is eligible to receive the shot, how to make a reservation, and consultation services contact information.   

Please feel free to read and download the PDF files linked below in the language of your choice. 

[English] 追加接種_英語.pdf

[Japanese] 追加接種_日本語.pdf

[Easy Japanese] 追加接種_やさしい日本語.pdf

[Portuguese] 追加接種_ポルトガル語.pdf

[Chinese] 追加接種_中国語.pdf

[Tagalog] 追加接種_タガログ語.pdf

[Vietnamese] 追加接種_ベトナム語.pdf