A Message to Foreign Residents in Nagano Regarding COVID-19 Vaccines

Foreign nationals who are living in Nagano Prefecture are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The Prefecture has issued a message containing more information for those who wish to get vaccinated. The information, linked in PDF format below, is available in 7 different languages, including English and Easy Japanese.

English:  在留外国人の方へのワクチン接種のご案内.pdf
Easy Japanese:  在留外国人の方へのワクチン接種のご案内.pdf
Chinese: 在留外国人の方へのワクチン接種のご案内.pdf
Portuguese:  在留外国人の方へのワクチン接種のご案内.pdf
Tagalog:  在留外国人の方へのワクチン接種のご案内.pdf
Thai: 在留外国人の方へのワクチン接種のご案内.pdf
Korean: 在留外国人の方へのワクチン接種のご案内.pdf