A Notice from the Prefectural Government:

The Nagano Prefectural Government has issued a notice for everyone living in the prefecture (April 13). 

Due to a recent rapid increase of Coronavirus patients within the prefecture, the Prefectural Government is asking that everyone follow basic measures to slow the spread of the virus.

The notice is available in Japanese, Easy Japanese, English, and 7 other languages.

The notice is available to read and/or download via the PDF links listed below. 

[Japanese] 【日本語要約版】医療警報発出を踏まえてのお願い.pdf

[Easy Japanese] 【やさしい日本語】医療警報発出を踏まえてのお願い.pdf

[English] 【英語】医療警報発出を踏まえてのお願い.pdf

[Portuguese] 【ポルトガル語】医療警報発出を踏まえてのお願い.pdf

[Chinese] 【中国語】医療警報発出を踏まえてのお願い.pdf

[Vietnamese] 【ベトナム語】医療警報発出を踏まえてのお願い.pdf

[Tagalog/Filipino] 【タガログ語】医療警報発出を踏まえてのお願い.pdf

[Indonesian] 【インドネシア語】医療警報発出を踏まえてのお願い.pdf

[Thai] 【タイ語】医療警報発出を踏まえてのお願い.pdf

[Korean] 【韓国語】医療警報発出を踏まえてのお願い.pdf